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Copyright Investigation In India
Pre Employment Verification
Optimum Interface Consulting (OIC) is a provider of investigative and risk mitigation services. OIC assists corporate concerns as well as Private Individual in assessing the threats & vulnerability by providing comprehensive tailor-made solutions to address these issues through professional investigative services.

TEAM OIC consists of experienced and competent investigators who are managed by an equally proficient team of experienced senior investigators. The key message that percolates to every staff member is the cardinal principles of Integrity, Confidentiality and a Humanistic approach. Surprisingly, the last aspect is normally quite unheard of in this field where raking the 'moolah' is the norm. We not only believe in these principles but adhere to these in our practices as we strongly believe that those who come to us are in distress and it thus becomes are solemn duty to alleviate their despondency. However, this does not deter us from loosing focus on the objective of the assignment and this is where our experience comes into play.

Years of experience in the government and private sectors has helped us hone our skills in adopting the best practices in the investigative field. Needless to say, the 'tricks of the trade' learnt during the stints in the elite intelligence units have given us the edge in performing the tasks handed to us be it a corporate case or a private individual's matter. Along with the vast and varied experience of Team OIC comes the in depth understanding we have of the latest technical developments related to this field. Not only do we keep ourselves abreast of the latest technological developments, we are, quite adept in the application of state-of-the-art technology available with us to gather incriminating evidence. For our teams on the ground these equipments are 'boy's toys' and all this translates into successful operations for the Client.

OIC has been working with many Fortune 500 companies covering a broad spectrum of almost all the industry sectors be it the pharmaceutical, electrical, IT, automotive, finance, export houses, travel & hospitality, banking sector, education, chemicals, tobacco, FMCG, telecom, Export houses, reality and computer consumable industry.

OIC has the expertise in solving complex business problems by reducing the risks to an organization thus increasing profits. Today, our Company's business services are organized into the following practices.

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