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In the recent NCRB report, Delhi still continues to be the undisputed 'crime capital' of the country. For the last five years it has retained the No 1 spot among 35 big cities in India with the largest number of 'reported' crime cases. The report also points out that Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore together accounted for more than one-third of all crimes reported in Indian cities. Another disturbing trend was that 44.6% of the total arrested criminals during 2006 belonged to the 18-30 year age-group.
Statistics provided by the NCRB speak for itself!
Kidnappings and abductions 23991 reported cases
Kidnapping & abduction of women and girls 17414 cases reported
Total crime against children 18967 reported cases
The increased level of criminal activities is a concern for all but very few take the initiative in countering it by being proactive. The time has come where we need to act rather than react for we may not get a second chance.
From ensuring the safety of young children to senior citizens or protecting senior executives of companies to monitoring the movement of school buses, OIC provides tailor-made solutions for all such scenarios. We provide GPS Tracking Services and solutions to track and monitor on a real time basis, the movement of individuals and assets. The hardware we provide is not only inconspicuous but also uses state-of-the-art technology that allows the user to not only monitor but to also program the system as per their specific needs and requirements.
So if you are a concerned parent with children who need to be protected and monitored or if you are concerned about the safety and security of your executives then you need to contact us, for we can give you peace of mind!
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