Pre Employment Screening Company Delhi Pre Employment Screening Company Delhi Pre Employment Screening Company Delhi
Pre Employment Screening Company Delhi
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Pre Employment Screening
For an organization to achieve its desired objectives, it is imperative for it to hire such candidates who are not only highly professional with a proven track record but also have unflinching loyalty towards the organization and stand for the same value systems and ethos as envisaged by the Management. In order to ensure that the employees have a credible track record, OIC provides a range of pre employment screening services so that you can take the right hiring decision and recruit the right candidate for the right job with confidence.

With our pre-employment screening services, we not only verify the skills and qualifications, but also determine a candidate's potential effectiveness as an employee. Our effective and fast services solicit the businesses in making better as well as more confident hiring decisions while mitigating the future issues. We carry out pre-employment screening also called 'vetting' to verify the credentials of employees and specialize in scrutinizing the previous employment records, educational & professional credentials as well as basic character traits of an individual. By this vetting process, we eliminate the risks that an organization may face by hiring candidates with shady backgrounds.
Our employee vetting process covers all or a combination of the following aspects, dependent upon a Client's specific requirement:
  • Residential Address Check
  • Family Background Check
  • Previous Employment History
  • Criminal Record Verification
  • Educational History
  • Political Party Affiliations
  • Neighborhood References
  • Financial Status Check
  • Medical History Check

Our rich experience, global reach along with a wide range of industries served; make us one of the leading service providers of Pre Employment Screening services.
Pre Employment Screening Process Delhi Pre Employment Screening Process Delhi