Theft Investigator in Delhi Theft Investigator in Delhi Theft Investigator in Delhi
Theft Investigator in Delhi
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Fraud/ Theft/ Pilferage/ Investigations
The success of your company depends upon your biggest assets - your employees. While you are working hard to establish your company, someone else could be working doubly hard to destroy it. Yes, a dishonest employee can do a lot of damage thats may not be currently tangible but will surely decrease the probability of your business.

According to the recent KPMG survey "In 89% of the profiles (of a typical fraudster), the fraudsters committed fraudulent acts against their own employers."

"Interestingly, the tenure of employment does not have a positive influence, rather the contrary-more than 50% of offenders have been with their company for more than six years."

"In 91% of profiles, perpetrators were not content with one fraudulent act, but acted multiple times, often over a period of several years."

"The survey also shows that 2/3rd of all primary internal perpetrators are members of the top management."

For the Indian context, the survey stated that "organizations in India that remain passive in their approach to deal with fraud may be a perfect breeding ground for fraud."

To commit a fraud three factors need to be present namely:

  • Motive
  • Opportunity
  • Rationale

In India, the inadequacy of adequate internal controls and the unethical attitude of certain employees create a very conducive condition for both the opportunity and the motive to commit a fraud. In order to give you a relief from all, OIC with its team of highly experienced and skilled detectives provides Corporate Fraud Detective Services across all industries sectors. With the help of our experienced investigators, we can deftly conduct investigative type interviews in order to establish the truth. Thus, OIC assists organizations in identifying the 'enemy within' so as to curtail losses to the company and to maintain high employee morale.
Major forms of workplace frauds:

Theft Investigation in Delhi

We are a highly acclaimed organization and have the expertise to narrow down the suspect areas, keep a close watch on the movements or activities of the suspect/s and lastly develop credible intelligence by collecting crucial information through cultivating sources. Our endeavor is to make sure that your employees will work in the interest of your company not against it!.
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Theft Investigation in Delhi Theft Investigation in Delhi