Solving Cheating Cases In India Solving Cheating Cases In India Solving Cheating Cases In India
Solving Cheating Cases In India
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At OIC, we have the vast experience and substantial expertise in investigating and solving cases related to collecting evidence at crime scenes, hence, we are renowned as one of the leading private detective agencies based out of Delhi NCR. We collect, identify, classify and analyze the physical evidence related to the crime scene bearing in mind the background of the case. With our dedicated team of investigators and forensic experts, we conduct crime scene investigations and collect critical evidence.
The collection of evidence may include lifting and developing finger prints from objects, or collecting evidence in the form of footprints left at the crime scene. These are then compared with specimen prints discreetly or overtly taken from those suspected to be involved in the crime. We can also treat certain 'hot spots' within your premises with certain 'chemicals' which can assist in 'pointing the needle of suspicion' on the suspect(s) and thus lead to the identification of the individuals(s) involved in committing the offense.

So, if you are looking for best crime scene investigators in town, you know very well whom to contact.
Money may not be paramount for all, but it is a great motivating factor for many! Where you have transactions involving a disputed property or where a business or personal relationship turns sour the chances of forgery of important documents related to the Will, Negotiable Instruments, Agreements, Receipts are very high.
The Questioned document may necessitate the examination of signatures, initials, writing as well as printed matter. These can be carefully scrutinized to analyze the interpolation, the relative age of the inks used, the flow of the signatures, the pressure points as well as style of writing, etc. Thereafter, an expert opinion in writing can be given for the authenticity of the document. This expert opinion validates any doubts a Client may have and assist him/her in comprehending the 'reality of the situation' thus taking a firm stance through a civil or criminal case to correct the 'wrongful loss' caused.
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