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Technical Surveillance Counter Measures - Debugging
In an age of 'glasnost' (openness) and quick economic pace, for some unscrupulous firms, the ends justify the means! To rake in quick and substantial profits, they resort to quite incomprehensible methods to cause losses to those whom they consider their 'competitors'. One of the many devious means employed would be to 'plant' intrusive listening devices in order to obtain highly confidential information or trade secrets of rivals. With this goldmine of information available, they can then strategize as to how best to cause losses to their 'competitors' at the cost of their own pecuniary gains. As per statistics available, many a businesses have had to close shop for reasons which they found quite unexplainable - loss of sensitive company information to competitors.
Spying on the SpiesTranslated into the corporate world, any organization in any sector can be a target of such attacks that can be best explained through the following scenarios:

The launch of a new product or re-launching of an existing product can be sabotaged by an early release of a similar product by the competitor.

The slashing of price by one organization can be neutralized by the rival through an early and a better price cut, thus negating the advantages that could have been accrued.

In land deals involving transfer of huge sums, a competitor can up the ante by being privy to confidential price negotiation information.

When a takeover or a joint venture is in the offing, the benchmark financial figures decided by one, when known to the other can be invaluable to the latter.

A seemingly harmless interview or encounter can be used to blackmail or malign the image of the company or an individual.
The possibilities of misuse are endless and coupled with the leap in the technological front the modus operandi can also be countless. This is where OIC moves in and provides to its Clients, Technical Counter-Surveillance Measures also called 'debugging' which involves the usage of state-of-the-art equipment to detect and neutralize the threat from intrusive devices like 'bugs', 'microphones', 'covert a/v pin-hole or button cameras' operating on varied frequencies. All this involves:
  • A careful analysis of the threats that emanate
  • The vulnerability of the premises to intrusive devices
  • Identification of the sensitive areas
  • An audit of the communications systems
  • An evaluation of structural elements
  • Presentation of the proposal
Once, the Client decides to go ahead with the 'debugging' operation, the OIC team discreetly moves in and conducts a thorough scanning of the areas in question and detects, identifies and neutralizes the threats from such intrusive devices. Once the zones/rooms have been 'sanitized' the Client can safely use them to go about their normal business activities.
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Technical Surveillance Counter Measures - Debugging Technical Surveillance Counter Measures - Debugging