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Corporate Investigations, Intelligence Gathering and Evidence Preparation

Due Diligence – Before you enter into an Agreement with an individual or a business entity it is in your interest to know more than what meets the eye. It is imperative to check out their credentials in terms of their business track records, their commitment to fair dealings and financial constancy.  OIC has the experience in providing the Client detailed intelligence on a Company, its Directors and other key functionaries which would be critical at the time of a partnership, merger, acquisition or appointment of a business associate or dealership. This preventive measure shall ensure that you do not end up making unnecessary rounds of the corridors of Justice.

Debtor Tracing – We believe that your hard earned money is yours BUT there are many out there who do not believe so. From a business deal gone sour to having helped an ungrateful ‘friend in dire straits’ the list can be endlessly excruciating.  You may as law abiding individuals follow the due process of law but what if the defaulter goes missing. Tracing a willful defaulter also known as ‘skip & trace’ investigations is undertaken by OIC to locate the individual/s on the basis of the information made available by the Client. Once the entity is located, the Client can usually supplements this, with further investigations which fall within the ambit of ‘Asset tracing & Verification’ investigations thereby having a holistic approach towards the matter.

Pre-summon serving – An individual who owes money to another individual, a business entity or an institution will try to avoid or at best delay the process of repaying the amount. Knowing well that the only recourse left to a law abiding citizen is to file a civil or criminal case, the defaulter would endeavor to evade the acceptance of summons by either absconding from the know address or prevail over the system through other devious means.  All this undue delay causes not only pecuniary losses but also untold mental agony to the Client. OIC plays a positive role by using its experience in tracing such absconders and monitor their movements and activities up to service of the summons so that these defaulters do not subvert the established legal system.

Asset tracing & Verification – What do you do if you have a ‘serial defaulter’ who pleads bankruptcy? Well, the answer lies in conducting an investigation with a focus on his/her immovable and movable assets. OIC when given the mandate investigates an individual/business entity by conducting surveillance operations, discreet enquiries etc to identify the assets, their ownership pattern, current status with documentary evidence that prove incriminating in a Court of Law.  The Court may then at its sole discretion issues attachment orders under sections 82/83 CrPC thus giving the much needed solace to the aggrieved party.

Gardening leave & breach of contractual Agreement It is the practice where an employee leaving a job through a resignation or termination is instructed to stay away from work during the notice period, while still remaining on the Client’s payroll. This being a critical period when ‘loyalty could be suspect’, OIC’s in-depth investigations through usage of HUMNIT and Technical support can uncover instances of such frauds wherein sensitive information of the Client is passed on to third parties. In order to protect their business interests most corporate entities have employment contracts that stipulate a non-compete clause but, ‘agreements are for honorable people’. An ex-employee may find justification in all his actions and this could be expressed through either carrying along sensitive up to date Client information to achieve an early milestone in his new business or to use it as a bargaining chip while joining the Client’s competitor.  OIC has and can pre-empt all such moves of the ex-employee and provide incriminating evidence at such crucial juncture to the Client to obtain an injunction to ensure that the contract is honored.

Insurance & Bank fraud – As per recent estimates insurance companies lose an estimated US$30 billion per year to insurance frauds and the costs are then passed on to the diligently premium paying customers. The most common type of fraud is those related to stolen vehicle, MACT, OD, staged factory/home fires or deliberate acts of vandalism and Medical insurance claims. OIC has a team of investigators, experienced in assessing the scene of incident, questioning the claimants, interviewing and evaluating the statements of a cross section of witnesses from all strata thereby highlighting the true nature of the claim and the corresponding facts of the case.

In the case of the banking sector the most common fraud pertains to availing of loans and other privileges from the bank and then either willfully defaulting on the same or not being in a capacity to pay off the loans/credits due to a lavish lifestyle.  OIC investigators when entrusted with the task locate the defaulter and ascertain their current assets by conducting the investigations discreetly and diligently keeping in focus the objective of pin pointing assets whose ownership lies with the defaulter. Identification of the assets then leads to the process of obtaining documentation to substantiate the same which is then presented to the bank for taking the legal process forward. 

Technical support for covert surveillance operations – OIC has the proficiency and rich experience in assisting Clients in the installation of bespoke surveillance systems to match a Client’s specific requirements. We offer solutions that ensure that optimum results are obtained based on the type of investigation involved through the installation of covert systems to monitor any illegal activity within Client premises. This could take the form of monitoring household staff, to supervise a baby sitter to nabbing a thief to monitoring activity for sexual harassment or passing of sensitive company information within an office premise.  Just as the possibilities for usage of such systems are endless so are the applications and we believe that the man behind the machine is important.

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