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Surveillance Operations
For a private individual in society, the need to avail the services of OIC for surveillance operations may arise in cases related to

  • Pre-matrimonial investigations
  • Marital discord investigations
  • Child custody
  • Monitoring children for drug abuse or bad company
  • Household theft investigations
  • Asset verification for debt recovery

OIC also has the expertise in establishing within a relatively short time through use of scientific methods whether a spouse is cheating. With infidelity being widespread, people tend to cheat on their partners very often, which as per a recent study estimates to be as high as 76%. Thus, surveillance coupled with the usage of cutting edge technology like GPS Tracking Services and audio visual aids leads to the gathering of crucial evidence that could be very damaging to those who are willing to conduct themselves in such ways.

It is said that a man is known by the company he keeps! However, translated into the present scenario where children with impressionable minds are constantly bombarded with images of 'glorified' violence and other socially deviant behaviour, these impressions can have nasty fallout. Add to this the trend of absentee parent(s) or those parents who exercise relatively less parental control due to certain other pre-occupations and we have a serious situation where things can go seriously out of control. Our experience in this field has shown that children tend to fall in bad company, get initiated into usage of drugs, engage in promiscuous sexual acts and may even get involved in acts of crime. The psychological and social ramifications of such reckless actions can hardly be underestimated.

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