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IPR Investigation in Delhi
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Intellectual Property (IP) - Investigation and Enforcement Services
Intellectual Property is the exclusive right of a Brand Owner resulting from an original creative thought that has been translated into a copyright material or trademark. Hence, the brand owners are the lawful owners of the copyright or trademark. However, there are some unscrupulous individuals who tend to turn a Nelson's eye by indulging in the manufacture and distribution of counterfeit products of well known brands. The result of such illegal actions is the loss of sales, a tarnished Brand image and erosion of Brand loyalty not to mention the ill effects of consumption by the consumer and the loss of revenue to the Government.

Infringement of Brand owners Intellectual Property normally takes place through the following three means:

To begin with, OIC evolves strategies and implements programs to protect your Intellectual Property. By working closely with your Brand Protection Department and our legal counsel we work out clear-cut actions plans to effectively counter IP infringements through investigations followed by enforcement actions and appropriate legal action where desired.
The first step in this process is a product analysis to review the current security measures that have been adopted by the Client to protect its product from potential infringers. If already in place, these could be in the form of holograms, tamper evident tapes, digital bar codes, plastic or metal seals. It is a known fact that counterfeiters inherently prefer the path of least resistance hence, counterfeiters devise cheaper means to copy the product. If say a product has a hologram, they will adopt the cheaper variant, the hot-stamping method to pass off the goods as genuine products.
After the product analysis phase comes the stage where the action plan is drawn and explained to the Client. We believe that the Brand Owner and OIC need to work in tandem to address this issue hence, the need to share information in greater detail. Our experience in this field has made us realize that, to tackle this menace a two pronged strategy is a must. This involves:
Carrying out 'source' investigations to identify and neutralize counterfeit manufacturers, printers, hologram manufacturers, packagers, merchant exporters and importers.
Conducting 'market impact' programs in order to instill fear in the minds of distributors, stockiest, wholesellers and retailers of counterfeit products.

Thus, OIC identifies the sources, exposes the distribution pattern, collects material evidence and provides logistical support to the Client to neutralize the threats to an organization from counterfeiters
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IPR Investigation Services in Delhi IPR Investigation Services in Delhi