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Anti-counterfeiting technologies for Brand Protection

Optimum Interface Consulting (OIC) is in the field of consultancy for protecting a Client’s IP rights. In this capacity we have access to certain ground breaking anti-counterfeiting (ACF) solutions that can provide you effective and long lasting solutions to protect your Brand from counterfeiters.

We can offer your organization two distinct ACF solutions that would go a long way in turning the tide against the counterfeiters. Our experience over the last twenty four plus years has helped us in determining the ‘threats’ faced by an IP owner and the need for a multi-pronged strategy to counter the ‘vulnerabilities’ of a brand. We are now assisting large corporate entities by providing the following services:

  • Technology driven ACF solutions
  • Field audits
  • IPR investigations & Enforcement actions

Protecting a brand by using technology driven ACF solutions - Though there are no ‘silver bullets’ in this field, these proven technologies that we are referring to are cutting-edge technologies that are several steps ahead of current ACF technologies used to protect a Brand from counterfeiters. These products also have the distinct advantage of allowing universal applicability due to the ease of integration into a Client’s production process. Added to this is the flexibility it affords to a Client to decide as to who controls the technology usage, the end user or the Client. The ease of using these ACF technologies allows either the end user or the Brand owner or both to identify fakes thereby significantly reducing the sale of counterfeits. In addition, the technology also provides “rich backend data” that gives significant insights about a brand’s market.

Field auditing for a brand - Once the aforesaid process is implemented at the production stage, we can ‘armed with the technology’, spearhead an auditing process that shall entail conducting a well laid out but random field tests on behalf of the Client on the ‘treated products’ in the Indian market. These tests can be overt or covert and will be conducted in the markets across all the states with special emphasis on the”hotspots”. Thus, by conducting these audit services we shall be able to identify the dealers or stockiest having counterfeit products that would help in understanding and impede the counterfeit supply chain thereby insulating the brand from such threats.

IPR investigations & Enforcement actions - This intelligence can then be used by a Client to conduct traditional investigative methods to neutralize the threats from ‘identified’ counterfeiters. It is apt to mention here that in the present scenario where there has been great technological advancement in the printing & imaging industry it is hard to discern an original from a fake product. Coupled with this, an outdated ACF technology or none whatsoever would lead to a positive identification through a naked eye open to varied interpretations. In a dynamic situation like an IP enforcement action the integration of the recommended ACF technology with a product can result in an on the spot and IMMEDIATE authenticity verification thereby leading to a logical conclusion – a successful raid action. This we believe is a very critical advantage that would work in favor of brands.

Forgery Investigation Delhi Forgery Investigation Delhi